Wednesday, September 30, 2015

INJECTION Girl for the month of September, 2015

INJECTION Girl for this month!

Medical Fitness Physical for young girls, having some Blood Tests done, Fitness Gals are TOUGH & BRAVE!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 4

Indian Female Arms, Indian Girls Getting Injections, in the Arm!

Everyone knows that Indian Girls are very pretty & their arms are very SEXY as well. As in our last blog there were posts of pretty Indian Girls showing off their SEXY Creamy looking arms, one even had some MUSCLES! well here are some Girls with SEXY Arms only they are getting some SHOTS! even pretty Indian Girls need to get their SHOTS TOO! These Girls are not even scared of getting poked with a NEEDLE!  They are very good at getting their SHOTS!

Its just a PINCH! this girl did not know that she was going to get a SHOT! The Doctor saw her SEXY looking slender arms & just had to get her Hypodermic Needle out of her bag & JAB her in the ARM! The young girl let out a loud wince as the NEEDLE went in her arm.

This Girl is kind of SKINNY her arms are stick thin, she needed some IRON! so a Nurse was called in & the girl was told that she needed a SHOT of IRON! The Nurse saw that The Girl had a Tee Shirt on so it would be easy to make the INJECTION into her arm, The Girl made a face & said I DON'T WANT A SHOT! your getting one that;s it! said The Nurse. The girl looked down at her arm saw how SKINNY it was & knew the SHOT was going to HURT when the NEEDLE went in her arm, she saw that The Nurse was getting the INJECTION ready & how long the NEEDLE looked, The Nurse then pushed up the sleeve of the girl's tee shirt & bared a SKINNY looking arm. The Nurse cleaned the area for the INJECTION then slowly slide the NEEDLE into the girls SKINNY MUSCLE! she let out a wince of pain!
OW! I HATE SHOTS! The SKINNY Girl said. 

She needs to get a SHOT every week! she has no FEAR of getting INJECTIONS, she has been taking them since she was a young girl. The INJECTION is always given in her arm, as a girl going up she always had very slender looking arms & was always complemented on how nice looking & attractive they were, so she would always bare them & show them off, she is very proud of how her arms look! when its time for her to get an INJECTION she always wants to know why the SHOT has to be given in her arm? The Nurse that gives her the SHOT loves your arms she was told! I know my arms are SEXY! so she understood why the nurse would want to JAB a NEEDLE into them.

Its time for her SHOT! The Nurse preps her upper arm with a cotton ball, she then feels the upper MUSCLE area, you have nice arms she tells the girl! I know I do the girl tells the nurse, I like giving you INJECTION in your nice arms the nurse tells her.

The Nurse then JABS the sharp NEEDLE into the girl ARM! She does not even make a sound as her arm MUSCLE is INJECTED! I have very nice SEXY looking ARMS for INJECTION the girl tells herself! Cant wait to get another SHOT in the ARM!

She has been waiting for most of the day for her medical check up, the nurse is coming soon she hopes, when she gets here she wonders what kind of medical tests the nurse is going to run on her? she is very healthy & fit looking girl! she likes to keep her body in shape! always working out in her room, she loves the way her ARM MUSCLES are coming along, they are looking STRONGER & SEXIER every passing day! she likes to FLEX her BICEPS in front of all the boys in town, she becoming a TOUGH girl too! she has no fear of anything anymore! the last time the nurse came, after her medical was done she had to have her BLOOD drawn from her arm & then the nurse gave her a SHOT! the SHOT HURT she told the nurse that she like it to go in her BUTT! but the nurse told her no that the INJECTION had to be given in her arm. Her arms looked very slender back then, not PUMPED UP like they are now from all the weight training that she's been doing! she didn't like getting the SHOT in her arm it HURT when the nurse but the NEEDLE in. Now are ARMS are STRONG & TOUGH so bring on the NEEDLES NURSE! I'm ready!

to be continued!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 3

Indian Female Arms.

HOT! Looking Indian Girls with very nice soft sexy looking Arms.

A Nice Shapely looking Arm, with some SEXY looking upper MUSCLE tone!

Nice & Sexy, just look at those sexy looking veins in her forearms!

Not all Indian girls arms are soft, there are those that like having STRONG SEXY MUSCULAR ARMS as well, here are some HOT looking Indian girls FLEXING!


FLEX the GUNS Girls!


Female Indian Girls Arm Wrestling. 

Who will be the winner?

Stronger then the male.


Female Indian Arm getting ready for a NEEDLE stick, very nice SEXY looking veins too!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

INJECTION Girl for the month of July, 2015

Our INJECTION Girl for this month!

She's Cute, STRONG & TOUGH! Look at how she watches the NEEDLE going in her SEXY ARM!

Stay SEXY & HOT Girls!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 2

I Love Female ARMS!

Well, this fetish isn't very common amongst men, but I have a crazy fetish for female arms, upper arms, and shoulder area as well. I really fantasize about them. My favorite arms can't be too skinny nor fat, but nice, thick, juicy arms. I get instantly horny when I see a chick wearing a tank top that’s showing her gorgeous thick arms. I thought about asking a chick with nice arms for an "arm job" (having the female rub her sexy thick arms on my bare naked private area). I would love to meet a female that would totally understand my fetish.

From an Unknown Male.

For all you Males of all ages, here are some nice SEXY looking Female ARMS!


Oh My My!

She you next time,  XOXO    INJECTION GIRLS!