Monday, November 30, 2015

INJECTION Girl for the month of November, 2015

INJECTION Girl for this month.

FATTY ARM gets the NEEDLE! She is not shy in baring her arm, she needed to get an INJECTION today! she was not all that concerned about getting STUCK with a sharp NEEDLE at all, when she arrived at the Vaccination Center, she sat down and waited her turn with no thoughts at all about how PAINFUL the SHOT will be! she was called over, a Skinny looking Male Nurse told her to take a seat and roll up her right arm sleeve, in doing so she told him that she had GOOD ARMS for INJECTIONS! he gave her a smile and did see that she did indeed have GOOD ARMS for INJECTIONS. Her arm is very LARGE and THICK a nice mound of MEATY FLESH! she loves her THICK arms, showing them off, some people poke fun at her FLESHY THICKNESS telling her to trim down and work out, but she loves how they look, plus they are very STRONG! she can curl up too 80 pounds at the gym if she wanted too! 
she watches as the Skinny Male Nurse gets the SHOT ready, she sees that its a very LONG NEEDLE that she is going to get today! she glances over and sees a Skinny Girl crying as a NEEDLE is JABBED into her Skinny Arm! she then hears her CRY out in PAIN! my that must of HURT when that NEEDLE went in that SKINNY ARM! not with me. The Nurse told her to get ready, she said that she was, and SHOTS did not bother her JAB away she told him! her upper arm was then swabbed with cotton, a nice thick round of meat was chosen as the Injection Site then her MEATY ARM was JABBED with the long needle! she did make a slight sound, not a wince but just a little, yelp! she watched as the liquid was slowly Injected into her THICK MUSCLE! she likes watching her arms getting Injected every time she gets a SHOT! the needle then came out, there was no Blood you could not even see the mark were the needle went in, a Band Aid was then placed on her arm, she slowly pushed down her sleeve covering up that THICK FATTY ARM that just got Injected. She Smiled.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 8

Nice SEXY, SKINNY, Arms.


Check out my BIG MUSCLE!


Don't Forget to get VACCINATED!

My SEXY Arm got STUCK with a very BIG NEEDLE today!

ARM Tied!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

INJECTION Girl for the month of October, 2015

Our INJECTION Girl of the month!

Why is it that, SHOTS! HURT when they go in your arms? I like to show off my arms a lot! I am, always dressed in a tee shirt or tank top that bares my arms, I don't have MUSCULAR looking arms, but they are very slender & sexy looking. I knew that I was going to get a SHOT at the Doctor, when I went to see her today, after my check up she told me that I was going to get a SHOT! I said no problem and she prepped the INJECTION, she then said to my surprise that the SHOT needed to go into my BUTT! I made a face and said I want it in my arm, I pushed up my sleeve and bared my slender arm to her, I haven't had a SHOT in the arm in a long while I told her! my Doctor agreed, then told me that it was going to HURT! I said I'm TOUGH! Then she JAB ME! I yelled OW! and I got my INJECTION in my ARM like I wanted. Now I'm proud to show off my INJECTION Site. GET VACCINATED GIRLS!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 7


A TOUGH Tomboy gets the NEEDLE!

She's a spunky plunk looking Girl, kind of Tough! she tells others that she's STRONGER then all the boys at her school, she likes the arm wrestle them sometimes too! she has just had her yearly Medical and was just now told to go to Exam Room 14, also known as the NEEDLE Room!

She was given a lolly pop by the Nurse was told to sit still. She sat there waiting and thinking, this was The NEEDLE Room? that meant that SHOTS (INJECTIONS) where given to people in here. SHE WAS GOING TO BE GIVEN A SHOT! 
She never had really thought about SHOTS or NEEDLES going in her arms, she never really remembered  having to get one, but there is always a first time.

The Nurse then pulled up her left arm sleeve, she had on her blue short sleeve top on that made her feel kind of MACHO because it made her forearms slightly BIGGER & MORE MUSCULAR looking, she looked down at her arm that was totally bare, she could tell that the Nurse was looking for an INJECTION Site on that arm.

The Nurse had a long HYPODERMIC NEEDLE now and was examining her arm. Are you going to give me a SHOT? The Tomboy asked the Nurse. Yes Honey you need to get a Tetanus Vaccination today, The Nurse replied. Will it HURT much? The Tomboy asked? It might a little, you look like a STRONG Girl your not scared of NEEDLES are you? The Nurse replied. I'm TOUGH she said, I have got BIG MUSCLES in my ARMS to prove it too! yes I can see that said The Nurse.

The Nurse then found her spot on the girls MEATY ARM then prepped the area with some cotton. Are you going to STICK the NEEDLE in my arm now? asked the girl, yes The Nurse replied back, I have got a good healthy MUSCLE here for INJECTION, you have got nice looking arms sweetie! The Nurse told her.

She's a TOUGH TOMBOY! she's a little scared, never really having to get a SHOT before! she looks at her BIG ARM and then watches as a LONG SHARP HYPODERMIC NEEDLE is then rammed right into her MUSCLE! she let's out a wince feels a bit of pain, then looks on as the INJECTION is given.

Skinny Arms & Vaccinations

I Hate Getting SHOTS! my arms are way to frail & puny to face having a NEEDLE in them, when I have to get them, when my arm is SHOT with the SHARP HYPODERMIC, it HURTS a lot!  



I Got a lot of SHOTS today! Flu Shot, Tetanus Shot, B12 Shot! all right in this Arm, when you get a SHOT the INJECTION must be given into your arms, there is a lot of healthy MUSCLE in the arm the thicker, meatier, muscular the better it is for the NEEDLE to enter. I used to be very Skinny and when it came time to get an INJECTION I would cry! I hated it when I had to bare my skinny arms, the needles they used on me were very sharp and long, I had no meat or muscle on them at all! the Doctor told me to go to a gym an work on my arms to get them STRONGER looking so that I wound not look so weak. That's what I did now my arms are STRONG & TOUGH I braved three NEEDLES today and one Blood Draw! and I did not even cry once. 

Brave MUSCLE Girl Gets A Blood Test.

She knows what's going to happen! she's about to get a NEEDLE poke in her arm. The Nurse thinks that she might be stalling for time? the last time that she was in here she did not like having her skinny arm poked with a sharp needle. Right now she is FLEXING her left BICEP! this is where I want you to put the NEEDLE in she tells the Nurse! My you have got STRONG MUSCLES the Nurses tell her, I don't think we can get our NEEDLES in those arms, they might all break when trying to stick you! go ahead POKE ME! the Girl tells them, the Nurse now holding a very large NEEDLE feels the girls BICEP, WOW! VERY STRONG! Nice MUSCLES you have in those arms, I see why your put on that tee shirt today, you wanted to show off those BIG MUSCLES! RIGHT the girl said, I'm not scared of NEEDLES anymore! BRING IT!

The Nurse preps the girls arm for the NEEDLE stick the one the she was just FLEXING! the girl watches as her arm is tied off and her main vein POPS out, that's where the NEEDLE is going to go in, she gets a little nervous, the NEEDLE going into the arm vein does HURT for a moment, the Nurse asks her if she is ready for her POKE in her arm, the girl tells her okay! the SHARP NEEDLE then is slowly side into her vein. OW! OW! the girl cry's and winces as her Blood flows into a tube. the girl looks at the NEEDLE in her arm, PINCHING the MUSCLE, the Nurse tells her that she is doing very good. You got that NEEDLE in me good Nurse, the girl tells her. The Nurse smiles, she likes it when kids are BRAVE when getting Blood Drawn or when their getting a SHOT! The Nurse tells the Girl that she has nice looking arms, then withdraws the NEEDLE from her vein. The girl lets out a breath then sighs, the nurse smiles at her, then tells her its time for her to get a SHOT!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 6

A Nerdy Girl Gets Her SHOTS!

She is something of a NERD! but when it was time to get some SHOTS! she was TOUGH & BRAVE.

She showed up in a blue tee shirt, showing off some very nice looking slender arms with some MUSCLE tone as well, she rolled up the sleeve of her left arm as the Dr filled up the Hypodermic. Her eyes did widen a little when she saw the size of the needle, maybe it was her glasses she thought.
She felt the needle enter her shoulder, made a slight sound then let go a breath.

She then bared her right arm, she had taken a workout that mourning so she saw just how developed her upper arms were getting now. She relaxed & got ready for another JAB in her MUSCLE! she saw the needle enter her arm winced made a face then let out a breath. 

One more NEEDLE goes in! she cried OW! then it was all over! the Dr than told her that she was TOUGH, STRONG & BRAVE. She responded I know I'm becoming ONE SEXY TOUGH GAL!

Getting a SHOT in the ARM by a Gal Pal.

If you can't trust your Gal Pal with a NEEDLE then, you can you trust?

Mary has not had a FLU SHOT in over two years. Mary thinks that she does not need one, since she has stayed Healthy by Working Out at her gym almost every day. She's become a CUTE TOUGH Gal these days, always showing off her new body, her arms have become more MUSCULAR looking now! well it's time for that SHOT Mary! her best friend Tori will give it to her, Tori is a Nursing Student & as had good practice at giving INJECTIONS! Mary has seen her give a SHOT & she is going to be a good Nurse when she graduates. So Mary has agreed to get a FLU SHOT only if Tori will give it to her. Tori is glad, Mary does not know this but Tori has an attraction to "Mary's Arms" they turn her on! she knows that Mary has been going to the gym & weight lifting a lot! when Tori sees Mary walking around showing off her bare arms, sometimes she will ask Mary to FLEX her BICEPS Mary laughs but does it anyway, Tori will tell her how STRONG she's getting & the two girls will giggle. Tori gets turned on by Mary Arms!  
Mary knows that her new ARM MUSCLES are looking good, could this be why she wont get any SHOTS? (NO NEEDLES ARE GOING IN THESE ARMS There too SEXY!) but she's braver now bout a lot of things!

Tori comes into Mary's room, the two girls hug it out, Mary is dressed in a tight fitting tank top, showing off her STRONG MUSCULAR ARMS, she has just got back from a work out. Tori tells Mary that's she is looking more STRONGER then ever, Mary then POPS her BICEP! showing Tori a SEXY STRONG looking ARM. WOW! Tori says, you got some GUNS on you girl! Mary laughs. they both laugh. You ready for your FLU SHOT sweetie? Mary then makes a face, do I have to have a SHOT? YES! Tori then tells her very sternly! Mary sits down & watches as Tori fills up a HYPODERMIC NEEDLE! where are you going to give it? Mary asks Tori, I need a good lean MUSCLE for this type of INJECTION, so it will have to go into your ARM! Mary then makes a face, will it HURT she asks? it might for a second Tori tells her. Tori then feels for a spot on Mary's upper arm, it is very HARD & MUSCULAR Tori then tells Mary to relax.

Tori swabs Mary's upper arm with cotton, then without telling Mary slides the sharp needle into Mary's arm. Mary then let's out a wince, Tori tells her to relax, that the NEEDLE is in the MUSCLE & that she is going to begin INJECTING! Mary looks at the NEEDLE in her arm her eyes widen, then says OW under her breath, Tori is still INJECTING her, Mary can see that Tori has wanted to do this with her for a very long time, getting a NEEDLE in her arm was one of Tori's biggest fantasies. Mary just grins & BARES it!

Mary has had her FLU SHOT! it was not that bad, her arm however is sore, she will have to skip the gym tomorrow, she really has no fear of needles & never did she's a TOUGH Gal! she knows Tori likes giving SHOTS! she will be a good Nurse & when its time for her to get another FLU SHOT or any other INJECTION she will have Tori do it! her arms are willing & able.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Female Arm Fetish part 5


Here are some HOT BABES with MUSCLE!

She's a little young but just take a look at those BIG GUNS!

Showing off to some DUDE that she is SEXY, STRONG & TOUGH! This Chick is not to be messed with!

Nice & Slender, see that cute little BICEP popping out of her SEXY ARM, she should hit the gym so that BICEP can get much BIGGER for us.

OH MY MY! is it real? or fake? you decide.

She has some MUSCLE, but it could be BIGGER! she should go to the gym every day & keep PUMPING UP those SKINNY ARMS!

She a show off, just look at that HOT SEXY BICEP on her arm! she knows that all the DUDES like her now that she's got some MUSCLE! KEEP ON FLEXING IT FOR US GIRL!

Very SEXY VEINS to Draw Blood from, Here's to her HOT & SEXY PUMPED UP ARMS!  

CUTE SKINNY & STRONG, this Gal has got some very HOT looking GUNS on her.

Its their right to BARE ARMS! No shame here, both are very proud to show us the GUNS!



One right in her MUSCLE! After her workout she went to visit her Doctor, he then surprised her with a TETANUS SHOT! She had not had one for over 12 years so he made get the NEEDLE today! OUCH YOU GOT HER DOCTOR! are you happy now!

Young Teen Fitness Girl willfully bares her  well MUSCLED arm for a VACCINATION.

A Young Teen Female Bodybuilder relaxes before going off to get her yearly Fitness Physical.

All ready for her Fitness Physical, before she leaves she shows off some of those SEXY STRONG LOOKING ARMS for us.

She passed with flying colors. There is just one more thing! YOUR GETTING A SHOT MUSCLE GIRL!

Well the SHOT was not that bad, she's a very STRONG Girl & a little poke in her arm should not bother her, only the Nurse INJECTED that sharp NEEDLE directly into her BIG MUSCLE & left it in there a bit, now its starting to HURT! That Nurse must of been very jealous of her SEXY STRONG MUSCLES !


BICEP FLEX when getting BLOOD DRAWN from a VEIN, when doing this the Blood will flow more easily.